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Kaling either means it, or she’s setting up the Democratic golden boy for an intentional public humiliation.

Kaling could be interested, or she could just be gathering material for a romantic comedy about a looking-for-love-in-all-the-wrong-places millennial gal who gets caught up in the world of D. politics after she starts dating a political up-and-comer. After a wrenching montage in which we see both Kaling and Rooker staring off into the middle distance while everyone talks at them, he finally chooses love and gets on a PATH train one night to tell her she’s the only one.

They were among the first black executives for IBM. and later decided to move the family to New Jersey. That’s because they were denied housing in Harrington Park, a predominantly white neighborhood.

As Cory Booker has recounted in campaign speeches, his father, Cary Booker, was raised by a single mother in Hendersonville, North Carolina, and he shined shoes and worked in construction to pay his way through North Carolina College, according to Cary and Carolyn Booker faced racial discrimination throughout their lives, particularly when they moved their family from Washington D. Every time they wanted to look at a house, they were told it was already sold, so they took their case to the Fair Housing Council; the council would then send in a white couple to test whether the house was actually sold, and eventually the Bookers were able to purchase a home in spite of the objections of their realtor, according to New Jersey attorney Hope A. There was also one incident in which a realtor who refused to sell a home to Cary Booker let his dog loose on Cary when he came to the realtor’s office with a lawyer.

Kaling then assured him that her TV alter ego, Mindy Lahiri, has pretty bad judgment, and so if she talks shit about something that probably means it’s actually good. Maybe he’s just playing the role of cultural ambassador to mitigate future trash talk about his constituents, but the heart emoji and use of a #Please Say Yes suggest the senator from New Jersey might just be feeling himself and is ready to risk public rebuke from Kaling in pursuit of a date.

Not only did she say yes, she requested a train schedule.

(We know she’s done “research” in Washington before.) Obviously, the movie would star Kaling (ostensibly as herself) and a Cory Booker stand-in (maybe Maury Rooker for story), and it would follow them from their flirtatious Twitter beginnings all the way to their secret romance and clear through the inevitable breakup when she just can’t handle playing second fiddle to his career anymore. But then, of course, he also becomes president and Kaling is the First Lady.

If this happens — and let’s just say it definitely will — whoever is running the PATH Twitter account will play a small but crucial supporting role.

She mixes designer with vintage and always makes everything look truly one of a kind,” a Crossroads feature on Wade says.

They assert their heterosexuality — and then really turn the question back and say, ‘Aren’t you asking me about this it’s homophobic?

'”Franco, a Hollywood actor who’s reportedly dated women very, very privately, has perpetually teased out — through art, rather than frank public declarations — an image of himself as someone who could, plausibly, be gay.

In a burgeoning story line befitting a romantic comedy, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker and Mindy Kaling exchanged flirtatious tweets today, and they may or may not have seriously committed to a dinner date in New Jersey some time next week. @Vogue Magazine & I disagree ✌🏼: https://t.co/2w P7Zq JKQd (I still ❤️U!

The exchange started when Booker playfully ribbed Kaling for a scene in the most recent episode of in which she referenced him and took a jab at Newark. ) pic.twitter.com/FSwfkxen QJ— Cory Booker (@Cory Booker) March 23, 2017 Feeling emboldened by Kaling’s response, Booker went big and just straight-up asked Kaling to go to dinner with him in Newark.

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