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This is in the wake of the news that junior tailback A. Turman was denied a release to transfer to Florida or Miami.

Per NCAA rules, denying a player a release to a school means the player cannot accept a scholarship to that school.

If this song can be an anthem or even a band-aid for anyone listening, we don’t want to stop that.

is the first album where the band worked with only one producer.

When recording tracks for the next installment of their Weekend EP series, the guys in Forever the Sickest Kids were so happy with the songs they were laying down that they decided to chuck the concept and just go ahead and record a full album instead.

When you listen to the resulting self-titled record, you can hear why they felt that way, as the songs are the most fully realized of their short career.

Then, when Garrison went to college, he hooked up with singer Jonathan Cook and Bellows.

ATHENS — Up until recently, Georgia never put restrictions on where an athlete could transfer, even if it was to a rival school.

Now that stance has been “adjusted,” athletics director Greg Mc Garity confirmed.

What kind of musical projects have the guys been involved in during this break from FTSK, if any at all? Some thought it was too unorthodox for a “single”-type song; others wanted to screw the system ().

Caleb (Turman, guitarist) is also in a band called TEAM (check them out they are awesome), and I produce artists and bands of all different styles and genres. In that same post, you say that “Playing with Fire,” from your latest release in 2013, was the most controversial track between the record label and the band when it came to song arrangements and mood. So “Playing with Fire” is actually a couple years old by now.

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The band has completed their third studio album, being released in early 2013.

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