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As the Pleistocene glaciers slowly melted, a more temperate climate began to advance northward.

Sea levels began rising; they ultimately rose another 350 feet (110 m), resulting in the Florida shoreline of today, which provided attractive locations for human settlements.

Artificial reef bonanza With its vast shoreline, Florida has one of the nation's largest artificial reef programs, with about 2,600 statewide.

The program began in the 1970s, with counties taking the lead in deciding where to place the reefs and materials to use.

This was only possible in areas where water sources existed for hunter and prey alike.

Deep springs and catchment basins, such as Warm Mineral Springs, were close enough to the Sarasota area to provide camp sites, but too far away for permanent settlements.

Meanwhile, many coastal communities have looked to artificial reefs as a way to increase fish populations, to provide better fishing for the public and to dispose of large piles of refuse.

But while sunken ships, concrete rubble, Army tanks and oil rigs do a great job of attracting fish, they do not help them grow and reproduce, scientists and regulators say.

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Rather, they concentrate fish in widely publicized spots, making them more vulnerable to hooks and spears.

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