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That’s been the dominant narrative reported by the mainstream media, by college task forces on student life, and, in many cases, by students themselves.

Duke undergraduates in particular have received inordinate scrutiny for their sex lives., a novel by Duke parent Tom Wolfe, depicts a campus setting believed by most observers and critics to be based on Duke (though he’s claimed otherwise).

TERM (broken link) That means 80 per cent of the male student body is NOT Greek.

Today’s college students have no interest in dating, seek physical intimacy through random sexual encounters, and consider drunken promiscuity the social norm on campus.Data for freshmen and seniors show roughly one-third of students are in exclusive relationships, another third participated in a hookup—defined as some sort of sexual activity outside of a romantic relationship—and final third participated in neither; seniors are more likely to be in a relationship than freshmen.Still, as social scientists interested in behavioral currents within specific groups of people, they couldn’t help noticing that none of the dire reports about today’s dissolute youth provided substantive, quantitative data to support their claims.“When we looked at how academic surveys of the hookup culture were conducted, we found that they were being done in a way that was nonrepresentative of the overall student population,” says Morgan.And it wouldn't be a stretch to say that most people's lives revolve around their primary love relationship. However, women will tell you that there's nothing more attractive in a man than self-acceptance (which is the same as complacency). So towards the end of med school, I started to read some pertinent books and hanging out with guys savvier than me in this dating realm.

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You can certainly have a successful college career, with friends and parties, without being a member. My parents actually were against me joining a sorority.

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