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Your custom domain mapping may take as little as 15-30 minutes to resolve, but in some cases mapping a new custom domain can take up to 24 hours.If you need additional information about domain mapping, please visit our help center.Playmate, 35, discussed the days after she and Hefner, 89, split after seven years.

The Playboy Bunnies were waitresses at the Playboy Clubs between 19. If you were a young person growing up in Wales in the Sixties, your fantasies began and ended with dressing up as a druid and/or winning the "Chair" (heaven forbid; talk about crap prizes) for having written incomprehensible verses for the National Eisteddfod – and at that time, only men had been the recipients, anyway. Well, dressing up in black hats and pinafores every St David's Day on March 1st, with a leak pinned to our chests, belting out "Calon Lan" in the school hall.Despite the way that Hef continues to take up with women who are young enough to be his granddaughters, he’s portrayed as a decent guy who is not trying to hide his lifestyle or his preferences.I get a similar impression of him, but that doesn’t mean his actions are any less skeevy.A direct spin-off of the magazine of the same name, Hefner established the clubs and bunnies after he founded the men's magazine Playboy in 1953, with just ,000. The life of a Bunny seemed a world of sophistication and freedom a long way away.To earn their floppy ears, prospective bunnies had to undergo intense audition procedures and, if successful, adhere to strict guidelines. The not-so-glamorous life of the Bunny Girls was exposed by the feminist writer Gloria Steinem in 1983, and also, most recently, by Hefner's ex-girlfriend Izabella St James, in her book Bunny Tales – Behind Closed Doors at the Playboy Mansion.

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