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Bit Torrent is one of the most common protocols for transferring large files, such as digital video files containing TV shows or video clips or digital audio files containing songs.

This is sure hell of a work, but we'll sure support you for this, if it only be safe enough to use for gaining back money from key ^^Hmm. Also I can read unid and ided stats of items in inventory/stash. I think I could use it just with bot to know what he dropped and missed without having to pause him Anyway it could be configurable to log all items dropped ( with optionally unid stats ) and identified items unid items without stat reading.Challenge Rifts are a weekly opportunity to try a totally new build, receive a reward for your efforts, and compete with other players on a level playing field!Well, this popped up a while ago on Reddit, and I've waited for a long time but no one cared to re-do the chart.However if it's still possible to read unid values it could be usable to know when you should ID legend or just sell it unid.By "safe enough to gain money back" I mean like some bots - as long as they are detected, they still can give you profit so you can have money for new d3 key. It's just about not gaining much attention as you said. Some logged graph ( idk mayby in ) for xp / time line could be usefull too. You could add time to lvl up Also all dropped ( with quality filter - eg.

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