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Rob said that he felt like Dan was targeting Ian and Sunday night’s show confirmed this.

The trouble came when after Dan tried to evict Ian and Ian won the veto, Danielle told Dan she didn’t want to go with Dan’s next target, Shane.

To think that so many people came to share in our celebration meant a lot – we had people travel halfway around the world to come and share with us.

"Shane's feelings are genuine - were genuine - and I think he was so afraid of having a showmance because of exactly what happened. Vermont is a long way away but I won't let distance get in the way."When you put Shane on the block, you really compromised his position in the game based simply on what Dan said. "Yes, but I also truly believed that Dan was going to save Shane. He said in the Ho H room that he'd do whatever I wanted if I was Ho H. Yeah, I talked to Shane about it and said it was totally, 100% not true.

Retrieved from Dan attended Michigan State University and earned a Master's Degree in Kinesiology.

He is currently working as a teacher in an all boys Catholic school. He doesn't think that America would have been ready for a female president and if Hillary Clinton had won the presidency, he would have moved out of the country.

Rob opened the show by discussing Dan’s true intention during the double eviction on Thursday night.

There was a great deal of Speculation on Thursday as to whether Dan was putting Ian Terry on the block as a pawn or if Ian was Dan’s true target for eviction.

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